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Excavation and construction contractor in West Kelowna, BC

Excavation Services Include:

  • Land clearing
  • Shallow utility excavation installation
  • Water, sewer, storm site preparation
  • Commercial and residential site excavation preparation
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West Kelowna Excavation Contractor: Your Expert Partner in Seamless Land Development and Precision Earthworks

Welcome to EDL Construction Ltd, your trusted family-owned excavation contractor in West Kelowna. As a customer-focused company, we specialize in a range of services dedicated to meeting your unique needs. Our expertise lies in excavation, collaborating seamlessly with both developers and homeowners to fulfill essential site preparation and land development requirements.

Whether you’re embarking on the construction of a new home, pursuing in-fill projects, developing fully serviced subdivisions, engaging in multi-family developments, or advancing farming land projects, our dedicated team ensures dependable excavation services tailored to your project. We are committed to guiding you through every step of the process, from initial site inspections and back-fills to compaction and grading, culminating in top-notch paving and concrete finishing.

What we offer

Excavation & Construction Contractor, Kelowna & Okanagan Valley

1. Land Clearing:  Expert land clearing services for a clean and efficient construction site.

2. Site Servicing: Comprehensive site servicing solutions to ensure your project’s infrastructure is optimally prepared.

3. Hydro/Shallow Utility Installs: Precise installation of hydro and shallow utilities for seamless functionality.

4. Road Building: Professional road excavation and construction to provide access and enhance connectivity for your development.

5. Water/Storm/Sewer Services: Reliable installation and management of water, storm, and sewer services for efficient project operations.

6. Fuel Station Construction: Specialized expertise in constructing fuel stations for your convenience and operational needs.

7. Small to Large Scale Commercial/Residential Subdivisions: Tailored solutions for subdivision projects, ranging from small to large-scale developments.

8. Mobile Home Park Development/Servicing: Expertise in the development and servicing of mobile home parks for modern living solutions.

9. Multi-Family Developments: Seamless execution of multi-family development projects for diverse housing solutions.

10. Engineered Retaining Wall: Innovative solutions for the construction of engineered retaining walls, ensuring stability and aesthetic appeal

Our construction excavation contractor services are designed to meet your project’s specific needs, ensuring precision, efficiency, and success at every step.